Who wants Bees in the garden?

Who wants bees in the garden?We all need more bees in our gardens and nearby areas. If you miss seeing bees and other pollinating insects in your area, follow the advice below to bring the bees back!

One of the main ways of attracting bees is to provide them a regular source of food, and ofcourse their food is flowers that produce nectar! The colors yellow and blue work well with bees. Here's a list of flowers that will work for you.

Sunflowers: Bees simply love these sun loving flowers. Grow them in a long line in a place that receives full sun.

Cockscomb: These flowers last in the garden for upto 8 weeks and attract plenty of bees.

Blanket Flower: The plentiful blooms attract bees.

Liatris: Liatris blooms last upto 4 weeks and bees will be buzzing around these flowers on sunny days.

Chamomile: Another flower that is a magnet for bees.

Rudbeckia: The yellow color in addition to the large number of blooms attract bees.

All the above flowers can be grown from seed. To continuously attract bees all summer, please ensure there are blooms throughout the summer. Make your garden attractive to bees!

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