Red worm Starter colony *Seeds of Life*

The BEST start for your organic worm bin
Red worm Starter colony *Seeds of Life*


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  This package truly contains the "Seeds of Life" We did this as a cheaper option for those who want to try composting worms but do not want to spend 20 to 30 dollars on worms to start a colony. This will get you started on building some amazing living soil to grow your flowers and vegetables in, as well as take some of your food scraps out of the waste stream! You will receive about 6 oz. of nearly finished organic compost, containing lots of red worm capsules (eggs) with some red worms mixed in as well. Each capsule Looks like a tiny lemon, and contains anywhere from 1 to 15 red worms that will hatch into your bin, and grow and breed and if cared for, will spawn a rather large colony of composting worms in just a few weeks! Just add the contents of the package into your desired worm bin, the compost will give them something to eat as they hatch so that they have a healthy start. this method also causes them to be less likely to try to get away, as worms do not like changes in their environment,  these guys will hatch in their new home, and should be comfy cozy right away! As a side note, these guys ship really well in all seasons!  We cover domestic shipping, and remember also that our services do not end with your purchase, Should you have questions or concerns, we will include contact info with your order, feel free to get a hold of us, we LOVE to talk gardening!

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