FAQs - Questions asked frequently from us

Q: I want to start my own nursery but I don't know how to get orders.

Its great you want to have your own nursery! We can help you by getting orders through MySeedz. Simply build a profile (your online store) and upload your products and they are ready for purchase. This is a great way to reach customers without spending any money.

Q: I have been running a nursery for a number of years, can I join?
You sure can, sign-up as a seller to build your store and add your products.

Q: What kind of sellers are you looking for?
Our sellers are nurseries/garden centers, wholesale growers and passionate home gardeners. We specially love sellers with unique garden products looking to grow with us.

Q: How does MySeedz make money?
We charge a low 5% commission on sales that is paid by the buyer. We hope you will make use of our offer to grow.

Q: I already have my own website where I do some sales.
That's great! We can help you by reaching a bigger audiance from 50 states buying 24/7. Please sign-up as a seller, build your store and add your products.

Q: I have my own website but it doesn't have shopping features.
Once you join us, we provide all the shopping features expected by buyers. MySeedz is accessible from 50 states and buyers can purchase 24/7.  

Q: I don't have an online presence yet.
That's absolutely fine you can fill your store page with all your contact details and add all your products.

Q: I don't have time to manage my account, I only want to know where and what to deliver. Can you look after my account?
Sure we can. We offer a service where we take over the account management function for you. You will receive emails for delivery requests and we will update your products for you. Tell us by email that you would like this service.