About us

We are the Garden Marketplace where you can buy everything for your garden right from your living room. We are a community and our marketplace consists of licensed Nurseries & Garden centers, Wholesale Growers and passionate Gardeners.

 The Seed Story - How MySeedz started

FlowersI love gardening and have been growing things from when I was a kid. Most of the time I bought seeds from the store but afterwards learned to save my own seeds. A problem I faced was I usually save more seeds than I actually need and they end up getting thrown away. At the time I thought wouldn't it be nice to be able to sell my excess seeds. From my perspective, I wanted to sell my excess seeds and I know there are other gardeners out there who also have excess seeds.

Since I couldn't find a place to sell my own seeds, I built a marketplace where all gardeners can sell their own seeds. Gardeners create an additional income stream while doing something that they love. The gardeners go on to become small nurseries over time.

If you have garden products to sell or want to buy from us, come join our garden community - our garden marketplace.

Happy Gardening!

Sarasi | Founder