Ground Cherry 20 seeds *Heirloom*

Also called the Strawberry husk tomato, or cape gooseberry
Ground Cherry 20 seeds *Heirloom*


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 Strawberry Husk Tomato *HEIRLOOM* SEEDS OF LIFE 20 seeds The strawberry husk tomato or "Ground Cherry" is a old Heirloom dating back to the early 18th century. they were quite common through the 1800s, but have since been nearly forgotten., ask your grandmother, I bet she will Know what they are! These are similar in look to a tomatillo in that they grow in a "paper" husk, the berries will fall from the bush once ripe, and can be collected, but they are more of a berry, then a tomato. A lot of our ground cherries are eaten right where they are found in the garden! these keep or store VERY WELL in a paper bag, for up to 6 months if picked early. All or seeds are grown and harvested on our small family farm nestled up next to the Mad River in North central Washington state. We are commited to protecting and preserving our vegetable diversity for future generations, as a lot of hierloom varieties are going extinct at an alarming rate, and once they are gone, they are gone forever! We do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides on any of our veggies, everything is grown 100% organically. Mad River Seeds Wholesome seeds, Humans who care!

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